Conversations with Tiziana Terranova, Laboro Ergo Sum, Amber Art Festival

Tiziana Terranova is in Istanbul for Amber Art Festival, 2015, giving a keynote speech on artists as workers:

“It is notoriously difficult to get artists to identify as workers – as the cultural identity of the artist is formed in a relationship of opposition and differentiation to work. What happens, however, when production becomes increasingly dependent on activities which used to refer to the field of art, such as the creation of affects, experiences, perceptions and sensations? How to account for the specific nature of art, once the latter mode of operation becomes central to economic valorization? The lecture explores how notions such as immaterial labor, social cooperation, bio-cognitive capitalism and biopolitical production foreground the question of the production of subjectivity as an existential and aesthetic process, through an account of work which does not start from the industrial model of physical expenditure, but with the labor of memory and attention.”

During her visit, we will also have a chance to have an interview with Terranova which will be translated in Turkish and published in Toplum ve Bilim, Volume 135, (2016) Issue: 1 Special Issue “Dijital Emek, Dijital Kültür” Eds. Ayhan Aytes, Ergin Bulut

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